Examples of Various Calendar Options

    The following are examples of different calendar options.  There are three different quarter options:  1) our current calendar; 2) OSU's calendar that starts later in September, has a shorter winter break and ends at the same time we end; and 3) Rose Hulman's calendar that starts earlier than we do, has short breaks, and ends in late May.  There are also three different semester approaches:  1) UNL's calendar which is the early semester that starts in mid-to-late August and ends in early May; 2) Harvard's late semester that starts in late September and ends in late May; and 3) St. Olaf's 4+1+4 approach that has two semesters during which students take 4 courses each and then a one-month winter term during which students take one course.

    The following examples are downloadable Excel files.  The calendars are color coded as follows:

Current Ohio University Calendar

Late Quarter (OSU)

Early Quarter (Rose Hulman)

Early Semester (University of Nebraska)
Late Semester (Harvard)
4-1-4 Example (St. Olaf)


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